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Rapid reno is a new and innovative service to the industry that we offer our qualified clients. We take a 30 to 45 day project and condense it into an unprecedented 12 to 18 day project. We do this with a very pro-active approach to the job that uses a continuous work flow that reduces time to project completion. Our unique work structure allows us to adapt to changes in work rapidly and seamlessly.

Using our progressive quality assurance process we have virtually no deficiencies and this insures we can hand the keys over before you know it. That lets you have the cookers on sooner and has you generating revenue in which traditional renos cannot accomplish. We are able to accomplish this with our years of experience, skilled tradespeople and unique look at you franchise renovation needs. We have designed this for our clients as we know how valuable every day down is too you.


Rapid Reno has many components that work in unison to create a system unheard of in the industry today. We start planning based on the scope of work. We go over a detailed plan with the client minimizing change orders and time. We then plan and ensure all equipment, materials and other requirements are ready before start date. We use a highly organized crew that runs 24 hours 7 days a week. We get superior results with our in-house trades. We implement the usual site supervisor; however have an on-site project manager that has many advantages. We also keep an open line of communication with the client to help achieve a consistent flow in work to achieve our goal with Rapid Reno.



We realize that to achieve the goals promised, planning is a critical part of the equation from the start to end.



Understanding the importance of the execution of the project is the key to timelines. This is where we know skill and timing on the jobsite is a focus point.


New Thinking

The reason why Rapid Reno works is due to us taking new looks at how the jobs used to be run and to take a fresh approach.

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Key Components That Make Rapid Reno Work


Skilled Trades

We have a large pool of in-house skilled tradespeople. We have Red Seal trades on our team to ensure the job is done right.


Continuous Work

We know the saying only 24 hours in a day. Well we use every hour to be the most productive in getting the job done all 7 days of the week.


Can Think Strategically

We use a strategic approach to every job to minimize delays and breaks in the workflow using on-site Project managers and integrating trusted subs into one team.


Understand Client Needs

The owner understands the needs and wants of clients better than most contractors in the field as he has been a franchise owner himself.

rapido reno
Process work
Process work

Why choose a Rapid Reno

The Rapid Reno program will change the face of the franchise renovation industry. Be one of the first to take advantage and be ahead of the curve with your competitors.


Experience Matters

GSD Projects has years of experience in the franchise industry and knows what the client needs and wants in a renovation.


Nation Wide

Being a fluid and mobile company with strong ties in the industry nationally solidifies a seamless transition from one store to another


Reduced Time

The Rapid system allows you to open sooner that helps to ensure customers stay loyal to your store and smaller window of disruption for employees.


More Revenue

Opening sooner means less downtime. This means you open sooner and generate revenue with less disruption to cash flow.

Design reno
Design work
Design work

Designed to work for you

With our pilot store we are able to demonstrate that we can reduce the time of a typical 40 day renovation down to just 15 days. That’s 63% faster! The system allowed us to deal with issue’s that arose up to 80% faster than with normal projects. With that being said, without major issues we could have completed the project 75% faster and in 10 days. What would opening 75% quicker mean to your customers and staff? What would opening in 10 to 15 days due for you? How much extra revenue would 20 to 30 days add to the company? As you can see the Rapid Reno program was designed with our valued clients in mind. The owner knows firsthand what impact a renovation can have on a franchise business. This is why after years of planning we have designed a system that works for out clients in every way!

Meet Our Best Team


Braden has experience in the field as a Red Seal Electrician. He is also one of our estimators.

Braden Prysaznuik

Project Manager


Ian has many years of experience in the field and as a franchise owner. He now runs the business and still in the industry.

Ian Parsons



Joe has been with the company since the beginning, he has vast knowledge with franchise renovations and running a team.

Joe Fehr

Site Supervisor

Please feel free to reach out for any questions you may or to book in your next restaurant renovation with us today! We would be happy to provide more detailed information on how we run our Rapid Reno and regular reno system.

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